A Life Coach helps you look at where you are now and where you’d like to be. Being coached is about becoming aware of obstacles that are holding you back so that you can make conscious choices and changes to achieve your goals. Life Coaching is for functional people who want to be optimize their lives, whereas therapy is for dysfunctional people who want to become functional.


“Don’t try to close a deal, open a relationship so you can build a partnership”


“Thanks Lorraine, you really helped me figure out what I was doing wrong with women. You helped me discover things about myself I never knew. I met a nice girl who I think may be a keeper!”

– Dan Ginsberg, Trenton, NJ


“Lorraine helped me through one of the toughest breakups I ever had. She gave me back my confidence and finally got me to ‘get out of my own way’ with women.“

– Derek, Los Angeles

“Dear Lorraine – your 30-day program was awesome. It’s the first time in my life I have no problem talking to girls. Your free email advice is great. You are more then a coach, you are a friend who cares.”

– Manny M, NY


“Hi Lorraine – I met a great chic last week. Tonight is date #3. Thanks again for answering my text messages. I wish I had your service years ago. Talk to you next week!”

– John, North Carolina