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Turn dating challenges into conquests


  • Think it’s tough to meet women?
  • Feel clueless about what girls want?
  • Meet the wrong women?
  • Sabotage your own dates?
  • Have difficulty talking to girls?

Would you rather get advice from your male friends (who spend plenty of Saturday nights alone), or from a woman who knows what’s up? Do you want gimmicks and tricks, or results? Who’s gonna give better advice about women than a woman who’s seen it all?


Here’s the bottom line: I turn regular guys like you into dudes that chics drool over.

I created this site because I believe that every guy has the capacity to be the kind of man women fall for. No matter what your dating challenge is, it’s possible to transform your life, upgrade your outlook, and become successful in relationships. I’ll give you the raw truth about the female perspective on dating. Plus I’m a certified life and relationship coach.

I’ve been in the dating game a long time, and I’ve seen it all. I know the most common mistakes men make, because I’ve watched men make every one of them. If you’ve ever walked out of a disastrous date wondering what went wrong and wishing the woman would just tell you. . . I’m the coach you’re looking for, and I’ll tell you exactly what happened.

If you’re looking for straight up advice and what it takes to succeed in relationships, no matter what level of commitment you want, I am your personal wing girl. I’m here to help you take your dating game to the next level.


First Impressions – FREE 20-minute session

This is your first step on the road to romantic success. Before I work with you, let’s talk. I want to get to know you and make sure we are a fit. If we decide together that I’m not the coach for you, I will refer you to someone else in my network who might be a better fit.

Drinks and Dinner $125 -1 hour session

Need some advice but don’t want to make a huge investment? That’s cool… the starter package will get you an hour-long session filled with opinions, advice and suggestions. Payment for your first session can be applied towards the Overnighter package, if we decide to take it to the next level.

The Overnighter – $500 $400– Four 1-hour sessions – $100 savings

Need more one-on-one time with me? Great! The Overnighter package is the best deal I’ve got. During your four 1-hour sessions, we’ll focus on your specific romance goals, and get more done. One catch: We want to make sure we’re focused and consistent in our coaching sessions, so you’ve gotta use all four sessions within a month.

Hit Me Up – $150 for a 1-hour session

Suddenly met the girl of your dreams and don’t know what to do? Or maybe you’re confused and need some emergency advice. Email me and I will drop everything to call you within 6 hours, even on nights and weekends! This session can be pro-rated towards the Overnighter package.

***REMEMBER: No matter what package you purchase, I’m here to help. You can email me for support between sessions free of charge, just in case something comes up and you need some spur-of-the moment advice. I’ve got your back!

FREE email advice

Have a simple question that needs an answer. [Click here] to email me, and check my Q&A page to see what other guys have asked (don’t worry, all names are changed to protect the innocent. If you don’t want your question printed, just say so and it stays between you and I).


  1.  Credentials – I’m not just a former Playboy model, advice columnist and professional photographer, but I’m also a certified life and relationship coach. My truth comes from real life experience, not textbooks.
  1.  Status – I’m single, so I understand the whole single-girl-looking-for-a-guy mindset. Yes… been married, done that. I get the struggles that go with a relationship, too. Whether you’re single or partnered, my job is to help you be the man women want.
  1.  Tough Love – I will always be supportive, non-judgmental, compassionate and respectful, but I’m a straight shooter – no mind reading required! I will tell you like it is.
  1.  Integrity – Every other sentence will not lead to click-bait advertising. That’s gross. I pride myself on being the real deal.
  1.  Value – I will never waste your time or your money. My prices won’t stop you from getting what you want. Every man deserves a great girl.