The Skinny on Sex and Marijuana

By Lauren Katulka

Marijuana might be illegal in most U.S. states, but that hasn’t stopped roughly 30 million of us toking up in the last year. Whether you’re a regular user or you just like a puff at a party, pot can potentially impact every facet of your life, including your sex life. So do sex and pot really mix? The jury is still out.

What the Science Says

Since marijuana lowers inhibitions, scientists have linked marijuana use with high-risk sexual activity and the spread of sexually transmitted infections. They claim people using pot are less likely to use condoms. They might also agree to sex and sexual acts they wouldn’t normally consent to.

Scientists also say prolonged marijuana use can halve testosterone levels. That dramatic reduction is enough for people of both genders to lose their libidos.

What Pot Users Say

Some marijuana users say they’ve had the best sex of their lives on the drug. They credit pot with making them feel more open and connected with their partners. Sensations are heightened and since marijuana can distort perceptions of time, arousal and orgasms can seem to go on forever. These people also contradict the science and say marijuana acts as an aphrodisiac for them.

However, others say they struggle to focus while they’re under the influence. They feel more distracted and distant during sex on pot.

There’s also a third camp who claim using marijuana has no impact on their sex lives whatsoever. Whether they’re under the influence or straight, sex is pretty much the same.

We all react differently to drugs, including pot. Someone you know might have mind-blowing sex under the influence while your own experience is ho-hum. There are also the short- and long-term effects of marijuana on the body to think about. Keep all that in mind when you partake.

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