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What every man needs to know about his jeans

I know it’s hard to believe, but as much as you guys look at a girl’s butt when she walks by, we do the same with you guys. Nothing like seeing a man with great buns! I would walk behind Channing Tatum any day. He is dayum sexxy!

Reality is, pulling off a pair of jeans and looking hot is more than having good genes. Jeans are a universal item, yet so many guys get it wrong.

For example, not all dudes can pull off skinny jeans (beside the fact most girls don’t like them). And what about guys who are still wearing light blue jeans that went out three decades ago? Or high-waisted mom jeans with wide bottoms like Ted Danson wore in Cheers and Obama wears today? Or worse yet, the dreaded testicle twisting tight jeans.

About 5 years ago my girlfriend fixed me up with a guy, nice, good looking, but his jeans were embarrassing! Yup, he was wearing mom jeans! I couldn’t say anything because I just met him, yet all I could wonder was if under his mom jeans were the fearful tighty whitey’s… every girl’s nightmare!

Months went by and I finally got the nerve to tell him that he needed to get rid of his old clothes. I said I would happily go shopping for him. New jeans were tops on the list. To my surprise, he was grateful that I offered to help. He said he never even thought about it.

Designers have made jean buying confusing for men. Bad washes, machine made holes, bleached crease marks called whiskers, embroidered pockets… It’s endless.

“It should be the easiest style choice a guy has to make, what jeans to wear,” said Dan Peres of Detail magazine. “One wrong sartorial move can mark you as a person frantically clinging to your youth or slumping into middle age surrender.”

No matter what age, shape or size you are, a good fit can be found by men of all ages. The one jean that stands the test of time is the Levi Strauss 501. Mr. Strauss launched a five pocket, copper riveted jean in 1873, which is still a favorite with young and old. Nothin’ like seeing a cute guy in a pair of beat up Levi’s.

Next time you go jean shopping keep some of this in mind:

  • If you’re thin a relaxed fit is fine but too baggy is not a turn on.
  • If you’re stocky skinny jeans are not flattering.
  • Stick to dark to medium wash jeans with no distressing, or a nice stone wash.  Keep it clean and simple.
  • Make sure your jean has a modest rise that doesn’t graze above your belly button.
  • Fitted, but NO crotch hugging and please stay away from a busting sag. No girl wants to see your underwear hanging out — unless you’re a rapper.

Jeans are a personal style, but if your style ain’t workin’ you might want to try something new. Next time you’re watching Entertainment Tonight, TMZ or paging through US or People magazine, notice how these guys dress, especially the jeans they wear:

David Beckham

Chris Helmsworth

Adam Levine

Channing Tatum

Bradley Cooper

Ryan Reynolds

Johnny Depp

Hugh Jackman

Matt Damon

George Clooney

Matthew McConaughey







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