Manscaping – Is Your Body Hair Turning Her Off?

Yesterday my mom told my son “You need to shave under your arms.”  Mom probably forgot that most guys, especially 16 year olds, don’t go there. Personally, I think underarm hair is masculine. Although, my editor Elaine told me it grosses her out.  “Especially when you  go to the gym and can see clumps of  deodorant stuck in a guy’s pit hair.”  Eek! I admit that is gross.

Needless to say, hair is a fuzzy area. Some chicks love a hairy chest, others get repulsed. It’s kinda like a girl getting a Brazilian. Some guys find it a turn on, others would rather have a landing strip or a full on bush.  Makes perfect sense. We can’t possibly all like the same thing. And thank God because if we did, how boring would that be. BUT, there are a few areas us girls would definitely like a guy to pay attention to.

Let’s start with armpits. Unless you’re a male model, or bodybuilder or athlete, most girls would question why a guy doesn’t have hair under his arms. It’s a guy thing. If your hair is getting too long, a trim would make sense. Otherwise, it’s not a big deal. (Just my opinion. Even Elaine is okay with trimmed air pit hair.)

Do Women Like Chest Hair?

It’s 50-50.  Let me reflect on a few screen stars with entrancing chest hair. First choice Mark Ruffalo's manscaping is tidy and my fellow native Pennsylvanian, Bradley Cooper in the Hangover, close to follow is Jason Statham in Homefront  and let’s not forget the lovable Mark Ruffalo when he busted out of his shirt and transformed into the Hulk in The Avengers.  Yes, a man who maintains his torso is hot hot hot!

On the flip side, guys without chest hair are pretty darn sexy too.  I mean, who would kick Dwayne Johnson, Chris Hemsworth or David Beckham out of bed? All of them sport the smooth look. Once again, it’s preference. Personally, I don’t know what I like better. It all depends on who it is and the personality behind it.  Basically, for chest hair, it’s what you like or your partner likes.

Bottom line: if you have hair, keep it trimmed (if needed).  And if you shave or wax, keep it maintained.  A prickly chest is a deal breaker.

What About Back and Shoulder Hair?

Ummm… let me think… NO! NO! NO! Whenever I see a guy with back hair I think about the scene in Along came Polly (one of my favorite movies). The Sasquatch look is definitely not a good one.  If you have some manscaping to do, a good investment would be an extended body groomer. If that sounds like too much aggravation, pop a few aspirins and get a wax.  Girls suck up the pain all the time for their men. A happy girl makes a happy guy.

Even My Junk?

It’s nice to play on a clean court.  (Remember that adjective – “clean.”)  This could be a topic the gals from Sex in the City would dish about at lunch. If you want to entice her, keep your grounds neatly trimmed. Not many girls are turned on by long pubes. Bonus: you’ll look bigger and smell cleaner.

Most recommended groomer: Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100, BG2040

Nose & Ear Hair

We all have it and it serves a purpose but let’s cut to the chase; if it’s too long and you look like Grandpa Munster, it’s not very sexy.

Note: Any time you remove hair you must be aware of hygiene. When you remove hair, you open pores and put yourself at risk for inflammation and infection.  For nose and ear hair, using a small pair of grooming scissors is okay but not so easy.  Investing in a nasal trimmer or electric razor that has special attachments for these difficult areas may be the best option for safety.



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