7 Ways To Be The “He’s So Fckn Hot” Guy

When dating, first impressions are the most important ones.  When you meet a girl for the first time you want to keep her attention.  I couldn’t wait to write this post on why some guys are just so frickin’ sexy.

Chic magnet: A guy who exudes so much charisma, a girl can’t wait to get him in bed. This guy has no worries whether or not he will get lucky. Hell, he is LUCKY. When girls are around him they get butterflies in their stomach. When they’re not with him, they look at their phone and wait for his call. The question is WHY? WHY HIM?

I’ve thought about this for a few weeks. Asked my cousin, asked girlfriends, asked guy friends, even asked my dog. I had to dig deep and think about the guys in my life who had a quiet seduction that sucked me in. One particular guy stood out. Let’s call him Tray.

Tray is a nice looking guy, kind of pale, very pale actually, with reddish hair. He’s about 5’9 with a medium build. Not Bradley Cooper kinda sexy, but Tray kinda sexy. He’s probably sexier then any guy I know. Fact is, you don’t have to be a celebrity or a drop dead hottie to be sexy. Tray and I grew up in the same town, but we never hung out. I was good friends with his Dad. We connected on Facebook one day. He asked me to meet him for a drink the next time I was in town. I remember the day we met very vividly.

Back East, midsummer, late afternoon.  Tray was wearing a neutral pair of shorts (not jean shorts thankfully), an un-tucked oxford shirt and tan loafers. His look was preppy, casual and clean. His mannerism was calm and confident.  When we  greeted with a hug and kiss on the cheek, his hand slowly and softly brushed my back. No overbearing cologne (thank God again). Tray’s scent was natural and fresh. When I asked what he was wearing (thinking it was probably just soap), he said he had only used Tancho stick in his hair. (Love the smell of this stuff. It’s cheap, masculine and super sexy!) Over the course of a 4 hour evening, our chairs got closer and the butterflies in my stomach started fluttering. DAYUM!



  1.  smiles and has a good sense of humor – Every girl will tell you this is in the top 3.
  2.  he speaks in a measured voice  – not too loud and not too fast. “When you talk softer and slow down your speech, your voice will come across sexier.” Scott Hoist, voice over coach, Los Angeles, Ca.
  3.  is confident and interesting – doesn’t go on and on about himself. A good conversationalist is hard to come by.
  4.  has subtle gestures of touch  – “subtle” – The art of teasing in a humble way makes us crazy.
  5.  listens and looks into your eyes – let her know that you’re more interested in her then everyone around you.
  6.  is easy going – makes a you feel at peace. We live in a hectic world. A guy who makes you feel at peace is a keeper.
  7.  is present – his phone is on the table (preferably face down) in case of an emergency, but not a priority. There is a time and place for checking your email, IG, FB – and it’s NOT when you’re on a date.  That’s just “rude.”

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