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What Is It About Guys with Tats?

Last night I had a G2G ( girl to girl)  text exchange with my bestie Elaine. Elaine is my muse and works closely with me on Girls Unedited – she’s pretty much amazing !

L: I was looking at your Instagram, I didn’t know you were into guys with tats.

E: Yeah, I love tattoos. My friend, Brigid, got me into this Canadian body builder with tattoos over half his body.

L: Do you have any tats?

E: Yeah, I have music symbols on my hips.

L: (laughing) Do they play music when you have sex?

E: (laughing) No, but that might be fun. Do you have any tattoos?

L: Yeah, I have a tribal symbol of wings on my lower back. I’m waiting for them to get clipped so I can settle down.

E: (laughs)

L:  You like tattoos on guys?

E: Yes. I have a nerdy reason and a sexy reason.

L: What’s your nerdy reason?

E: I like the stories behind them.

L:  I agree, the symbolism can be really cool.

E: Yeah, and some of the stories are crazy.

L: What’s your sexy reason?

E: Well, when someone finds a good tattoo artist who understands how muscles move on a body and they place the tattoo just so, that’s really hot.

L: I just love it when you can see a guys tat peak out from under his shirt.

E: Yes! Makes you think.

L:  Right. It makes you wonder if they’re a bad boy or a just little edgy.  Look at Beckham. He is covered and super hot.  Not all guys could pull that off.

E: He really does pull it off. Soccer players are kind of notorious for their tats.

L: Where’s your favorite place on a guy for a tattoo?

E: I really like chest tattoos.

L: I like shoulder blades and on the arm. If a guy has a good chest, that can be pretty sexy.

E: What’s your favorite tattoo?

L: I like different variations of tribal tattoos.

Hell YES!  I’m a sucker for a guy with a Tattoo.  When I decided to write this blog I had deja vu  about a guy I met with a great tattoo.  At the time I was living in Venice Beach, Ca.  I was at the ATM on Windward Ave. when I saw a hot guy about 6’2″, olive skin, dark shoulder length hair, athletic body, sweats and a distressed jean shirt walking toward me.

First thing I notice is a sexy tribal tat peaking out from under his shirt. He came over to me, introduced himself and said he thought I was cute and asked if I lived close by.  John was visiting from Tasmania, staying at the hostel across the street. He had a rockin’ accent and was super charming.  After 15 minutes of talking, he asked me if I would mind if he showered at my apartment.

Shower? I was like “OMG, shower?  As in water, naked?”

“I don’t even know you.”

He replied in a very soft sensuous voice, ” Yes you do, you like me.” (He was spot on with that, he was very cute.)

“The showers are horrible at the hostel, can I come over?” he asked.  Out of the norm, I decided “why not!” In Kabbalah they say “Go out of your box.” I’ve never done anything like this.  I figured, I’ll try almost anything once.  As the story goes, we ended up in a great relationship for almost a year until he moved back home. To this day, I can still remember his tattoo and it’s enigma that pulled me in to want to get to know this stranger better.

Tattoos may not equal sex appeal to some conservatives or Jews, but I think the general consensus seems to be that tattoos do in fact enhance a guy’s sex appeal, within reason.  Face and full body tattoo’s fall outside of this idea. I asked the girls of Girls Unedited what goes on in their head when they see a guy with a tat, the comments I got were :

“this guy isn’t afraid to walk on the wild side”

” he must be good in bed”

“shows he’s not afraid of pain”

“he’s passionate and not afraid to show it”

“he probably has a bad boy side – that’s hot”

“mysterious, I want to know his story”

“he must have a big d**k, he had the balls to get a tat”

Based on the girls’ comments I think a great nickname for a guy’s tat is a “stud stamp.” Much better then the girls “tramp stamp.”

“My body is my journal and my tattoo is my story.”
-Johnny Depp

If you’re thinking about inking, do your research!

  • Don’t  bargain shop for your artist – A talented artist is not cheap – nor should they be. Check out different shops, get references, read yelp reviews, have him or her do sketches for you, make sure hygiene is a top priority. No garage tattoos! Go to a reputable shop.
  • Design – do your homework.  Think twice about doing your girlfriend’s name, a naked chick, a “MOM” tat…. it’s really not a turn on to see another girl’s sketch or name on a guy’s arm.  And “Mom” should probably stay on greeting cards, it’s just not very sexy.  Your art represents you.  Removals are not fun or cheap.  Sleep on it!

Why Girls Love Green

Women love seeing men in army green.

What an appropriate day to talk about GREEN. For those who are Irish, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May the luck of the Irish fill your day as we celebrate the Patron Saint of Ireland once again.

The Chicago River won’t be the only thing turning green today. Around the world there millions of glasses of green beer will be sold,  there will be green eggs, green popcorn, green cotton candy, shamrock shakes, green desserts of all kinds… the list goes on.

Decoding the Allure

Whether you’re Irish or not, today is a fun day of celebration and nobody celebrates like the Irish. We love to drink and have a good time.  I’ve even heard the sales for ginger wigs are higher then ever this year. Am I in style or what?!  I’m a natural red head and LOVE green. Whoohoo!

I recently read an article in GQ saying that army green is trending. It was never not trending in my book. There’s something about a guy wearing army green that’s super sexy.  There was a study done by the University of Southampton that showed women are highly attracted to military men. When we think of a military guy with think:  sexy, strong, masculine, heroic.

I blame Cinderella on the allure of heroic men. A large percentage of us are still looking for our Prince Charming. As you know from the book Men are from Mars Women are from Venus, the female mind is a 360 from the male mind.

So why not, try something new. Get out of the black, blue, grey box and buy something green.  Subliminally, there’s a definite association with a sexy, strong, masculine guy and army green. I say army green is a CLASSIC!  No closet should be without at least one army green garment.











Manscaping – Is Your Body Hair Turning Her Off?

Yesterday my mom told my son “You need to shave under your arms.”  Mom probably forgot that most guys, especially 16 year olds, don’t go there. Personally, I think underarm hair is masculine. Although, my editor Elaine told me it grosses her out.  “Especially when you  go to the gym and can see clumps of  deodorant stuck in a guy’s pit hair.”  Eek! I admit that is gross.

Needless to say, hair is a fuzzy area. Some chicks love a hairy chest, others get repulsed. It’s kinda like a girl getting a Brazilian. Some guys find it a turn on, others would rather have a landing strip or a full on bush.  Makes perfect sense. We can’t possibly all like the same thing. And thank God because if we did, how boring would that be. BUT, there are a few areas us girls would definitely like a guy to pay attention to.

Let’s start with armpits. Unless you’re a male model, or bodybuilder or athlete, most girls would question why a guy doesn’t have hair under his arms. It’s a guy thing. If your hair is getting too long, a trim would make sense. Otherwise, it’s not a big deal. (Just my opinion. Even Elaine is okay with trimmed air pit hair.)

Do Women Like Chest Hair?

It’s 50-50.  Let me reflect on a few screen stars with entrancing chest hair. First choice Mark Ruffalo's manscaping is tidy and sexy.is my fellow native Pennsylvanian, Bradley Cooper in the Hangover, close to follow is Jason Statham in Homefront  and let’s not forget the lovable Mark Ruffalo when he busted out of his shirt and transformed into the Hulk in The Avengers.  Yes, a man who maintains his torso is hot hot hot!

On the flip side, guys without chest hair are pretty darn sexy too.  I mean, who would kick Dwayne Johnson, Chris Hemsworth or David Beckham out of bed? All of them sport the smooth look. Once again, it’s preference. Personally, I don’t know what I like better. It all depends on who it is and the personality behind it.  Basically, for chest hair, it’s what you like or your partner likes.

Bottom line: if you have hair, keep it trimmed (if needed).  And if you shave or wax, keep it maintained.  A prickly chest is a deal breaker.

What About Back and Shoulder Hair?

Ummm… let me think… NO! NO! NO! Whenever I see a guy with back hair I think about the scene in Along came Polly (one of my favorite movies). The Sasquatch look is definitely not a good one.  If you have some manscaping to do, a good investment would be an extended body groomer. If that sounds like too much aggravation, pop a few aspirins and get a wax.  Girls suck up the pain all the time for their men. A happy girl makes a happy guy.

Even My Junk?

It’s nice to play on a clean court.  (Remember that adjective – “clean.”)  This could be a topic the gals from Sex in the City would dish about at lunch. If you want to entice her, keep your grounds neatly trimmed. Not many girls are turned on by long pubes. Bonus: you’ll look bigger and smell cleaner.

Most recommended groomer: Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100, BG2040

Nose & Ear Hair

We all have it and it serves a purpose but let’s cut to the chase; if it’s too long and you look like Grandpa Munster, it’s not very sexy.

Note: Any time you remove hair you must be aware of hygiene. When you remove hair, you open pores and put yourself at risk for inflammation and infection.  For nose and ear hair, using a small pair of grooming scissors is okay but not so easy.  Investing in a nasal trimmer or electric razor that has special attachments for these difficult areas may be the best option for safety.



11 Classic Kicks you can’t go wrong with

I was chatting with my neighbor the other day and asked him what he did for a living. He said he sold Yeezys. For those who haven’t heard, Yeezys are Kanye West’s line of footwear by Adidas.

Although Yeezys are not a classic, for the guy who can spend over $300 on a pair of shoes and wants something trendy, it could be a good option. All this talk about Yeezys, prompted me to write this blog.

I got thinking of previous guys I dated who showed up wearing horrible tennis shoes. After asking about 30 girls their opinion on guys and shoes, because let’s be honest, girls have very real opinions on all shoes, especially the ones their guys wear, I came up a list of shoes that most girls like to see on guys. The list is in no particular order.

  1. Vans Old Skool (blue and black – super hot) – This California classic skate shoe was one of the first to bare the iconic side stripe. Casual with an edge – love this shoe! It’s very sexy. Especially with a hot pair of jeans and white tee. Personally, this is my favorite.
  2. Vans authentic – is an  iconic low top, lace up with their signature side flag label.
  3. Nike Air Jordan – Even though the NBA tried banning this shoe because it wasn’t in the traditional black and white color – Michael Jordan wore them anyway, received a $5000 fine per game and took Nike from being a struggling shoe company in 1984 to one of the top brands in shoes.
  4. Converse Chuck Taylor, low and high – dress them down, dress them up, they don’t break your budget.  We wore them as kids, we wear them as adults – easy but not yeezy.
  5. Adidas Superstar – When introduced, it was the first low-top basketball shoe to have an all-leather upper and the current rubber shell-toe.  With the rubber toe protection and non-marking sole (girls will love you for this on their kitchen floor) it soon became a favorite of NBA players. Now this 3 stripe classic is on sidewalks everywhere. Best worn in black with white stripes or white with black stripes.
  6. Adidas Stan Smith – In 1963 Adidas came out with the first leather tennis shoe. In 1971 the shoes was named Stan Smith after the world Tennis champion of that year. The shoes has 3 rows of perforations on the side, replacing the traditional stripes. The Stan Smith shoe we know best is the version with bright green accents. Selling over 40 million pairs, this shoe is a great choice for the guy who wants to wear a white shoe.
  7. Puma Suede – Available in a variety of great colors this shoe is a great alternative to canvas. It adds a nice pop to a low key jeans and tee outfit. Keeping it simple with a splash of color is key.
  8. Nike – Whether you’re rockin’ an Air, Flyknit, Zoom, Free or LunarEclipse  you can’t go wrong.
  9. Timberlands – Classic Timerlands.  Not a look you see much on west coast guys, but I think every guy on the east coast owns a pair.  With over 40 years on the shelves, Timbs are still a forever classic seen from construction sites to city streets to runway.Girls love this masculine look on guys.  Note: It’s a given that Timberlands look better when they aren’t tied tightly around your foot. Wear them loose!The classic 6” boots come with 7 eyelets.  If you’re going for the loose look, undo the factory lacing and replace it. Skip every other eyelet, which will mean stopping at the topmost eyelet. Check out celebrity Timberland guys: Mark Wahlberg, Ben Affleck, Kanye West, Jake Gyllenhaal, the list goes on!In fact after seeing J-Lo, Gigi Hadid and Rhianna wearing Timberlands, I may get a pair myself!
  10. LL Bean Duck original duck boot – This original boot was made in Maine since 1912.  Made in America! Something to be said for that. These boots were designed by LL Bean himself. Signature waterproof boots sewn one pair at a time. The most popular length is the 8” and again, untied with an Eastland knot. Below is country boy, Jake McKeown.  I think Jake does a great job with this you tube video explaining How to tie your LL Bean boots. https://youtu.be/v1ztWUNac2k
  11. Sperry’s – In 1935 the Sperry Topsider was the original American boat shoe. It was designed by sailor Paul Sperry who slipped on his dock and fell overboard. Paul was fascinated that his cocker spaniel, Prince, never slipped. The grooves and cracks on the bottom of Prince’s paws inspired Sperry to develop the non-slip boat shoe by cutting grooved patterns into the soles. Topsiders aren’t just for boaters. The shoe is now a favorite among Preppies and seen all over New England and the east coast.

READ MY HIPS: Yes, we look at your ASS-ets!

What every man needs to know about his jeans

I know it’s hard to believe, but as much as you guys look at a girl’s butt when she walks by, we do the same with you guys. Nothing like seeing a man with great buns! I would walk behind Channing Tatum any day. He is dayum sexxy!

Reality is, pulling off a pair of jeans and looking hot is more than having good genes. Jeans are a universal item, yet so many guys get it wrong.

For example, not all dudes can pull off skinny jeans (beside the fact most girls don’t like them). And what about guys who are still wearing light blue jeans that went out three decades ago? Or high-waisted mom jeans with wide bottoms like Ted Danson wore in Cheers and Obama wears today? Or worse yet, the dreaded testicle twisting tight jeans.

About 5 years ago my girlfriend fixed me up with a guy, nice, good looking, but his jeans were embarrassing! Yup, he was wearing mom jeans! I couldn’t say anything because I just met him, yet all I could wonder was if under his mom jeans were the fearful tighty whitey’s… every girl’s nightmare!

Months went by and I finally got the nerve to tell him that he needed to get rid of his old clothes. I said I would happily go shopping for him. New jeans were tops on the list. To my surprise, he was grateful that I offered to help. He said he never even thought about it.

Designers have made jean buying confusing for men. Bad washes, machine made holes, bleached crease marks called whiskers, embroidered pockets… It’s endless.

“It should be the easiest style choice a guy has to make, what jeans to wear,” said Dan Peres of Detail magazine. “One wrong sartorial move can mark you as a person frantically clinging to your youth or slumping into middle age surrender.”

No matter what age, shape or size you are, a good fit can be found by men of all ages. The one jean that stands the test of time is the Levi Strauss 501. Mr. Strauss launched a five pocket, copper riveted jean in 1873, which is still a favorite with young and old. Nothin’ like seeing a cute guy in a pair of beat up Levi’s.

Next time you go jean shopping keep some of this in mind:

  • If you’re thin a relaxed fit is fine but too baggy is not a turn on.
  • If you’re stocky skinny jeans are not flattering.
  • Stick to dark to medium wash jeans with no distressing, or a nice stone wash.  Keep it clean and simple.
  • Make sure your jean has a modest rise that doesn’t graze above your belly button.
  • Fitted, but NO crotch hugging and please stay away from a busting sag. No girl wants to see your underwear hanging out — unless you’re a rapper.

Jeans are a personal style, but if your style ain’t workin’ you might want to try something new. Next time you’re watching Entertainment Tonight, TMZ or paging through US or People magazine, notice how these guys dress, especially the jeans they wear:

David Beckham

Chris Helmsworth

Adam Levine

Channing Tatum

Bradley Cooper

Ryan Reynolds

Johnny Depp

Hugh Jackman

Matt Damon

George Clooney

Matthew McConaughey