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#1 Profile Mistake

For the first time in my life, I went on an online dating site to see wtf it was all about.  I discovered so many things that I didn’t know.  I will get into that later.  Right now, before this holiday weekend, I want to tell you my biggest takeaway.  And don’t say I’m basing […]

Finding The Perfect Things in Life

None of us are perfect, but we need to find the things in our life that are.  A little over sixteen years ago I got pregnant.  If you read my last post, you know I’m a single mom.  Digging deeper into the story, I was dating my son’s father for over a year, got pregnant […]

She’s Hot, She’s Fun, and

SHE”S A SINGLE MOM! Q: “I met a really cool girl, she’s a single mom, she gave me her number, but when I try to get together with her, she’s always busy.  Should I give up?  I feel like she’s blowing me off.”   Mike, Miami, Fla. The single mom question is indeed a GREAT […]

Why I Kissed Him On The First Date

Last week ago I wrote a post on “7 Things NEVER to do on a first date.”  #1 was never to kiss a girl on the first date. Well, Never say Never. Now I’m putting my tail between my legs and retracting what I said. Please keep in mind that what I write is based on […]

Why I Slept With My Best Friend

Most have us have been there.  You have the good friend who you fantasize about sleeping with.  I guess it’s back to wanting what you can’t have.  Before I start writing,  I’m not talking about friends with benefits (I will blog about that another day.) I’m talking about hooking up with a good friend, sleeping […]

7 Ways To Be The “He’s So Fckn Hot” Guy

When dating, first impressions are the most important ones.  When you meet a girl for the first time you want to keep her attention.  I couldn’t wait to write this post on why some guys are just so frickin’ sexy. Chic magnet: A guy who exudes so much charisma, a girl can’t wait to get […]