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7 Things Not To Do On A First Date

You went out with a girl for the first time, you thought it went great, but then you never heard back from her again. Most likely it’s not about you. She might be too busy at work and doesn’t want a relationship. Maybe she’s still into her ex-boyfriend. OR, it might be something you did. Check out this […]

How To Wrap HER Head Around YOUR Fetish??

A few years ago I met Ryan. We dated for 9 months when I was abruptly hit with the “I think I need some time alone” talk.  Don’t ya hate that when that happens!?!  But whatever, life went on. We kept in touch. Two years later, he came back into my life wanting to give […]

The Date I Will Never Forget

Someone recently asked me: “What was the best date you ever went on?” I was like, “Oh, geez, that’s a hard question!  The ” best date” I had to really think about. After giving it a few minutes, I remembered meeting this guy a few years ago during a night out at our local sports […]

7 Text Messages Every Girl Wants to Read

Some text messages we love getting, other text messages we can’t wait to delete.  I was just listening to this guy on instagram, the @textingprince.  I must say, he had it down.  He said ” Just pretend you are James Bond.”  I love that!!  James Bond wouldn’t go overboard, he wouldn’t overload you with emoji’s, […]

9 Reasons This Guy Gets The Girl

What women want and will never tell you! “Why is she with him?” How many times have you asked this question to yourself? You see a pretty girl walking with a short, nerdy-looking guy or, maybe he’s overweight and needs more time at the gym, or he’s just some dude who doesn’t look like anything special. […]

50 Shades and Darker

Why Women Fell in Love with the Erotic Hero of Fifty Shades of Grey Women from all walks of life across the world become captivated by the Fifty Shades of Grey erotic trilogy. People can say what they want but James’s books sold over 100 million copies. After reading Fifty Shades of Grey I can […]


I know what it’s like. I know how it feels to look around and feel like everyone else is meeting the perfect match, and finding happiness with their partner. But I also know what it’s like to be successful in love. I know from experience what it takes to build a successful long-term relationship from […]