Lorraine Eastman is a former model, a photographer, a mom, and a certified men’s life and relationship coach.

She began her career as a model on the east coast while still in high school , and moved to Los Angeles after signing on with the iconic Playboy Modeling Agency. She later went on to be an advice columnist and editor for men’s health and fitness magazines. Inspired by her experience as an advice columnist and by watching even the beautiful women at Playboy struggle with dating, she decided to make relationship-coaching her full-time job.

Today Lorraine combines the same “girl next door” essence evidenced in her Playboy career with her compassionate, nonjudgmental worldview in helping clients to create real changes in their life. Navigating marriage, divorce, and life as an active single mom gives her insight and compassion, while her own relationship struggles inform her coaching style.

Lorraine started Girls Unedited to help reach men who want to improve their dating success by gaining a first hand understanding of the female perspective. Lorraine’s down-to-earth nature has helped numerous men build their confidence with women, attract the right partner and turn a first date into a second.

Whether your goal is to attract the right woman or improve a current partnership, Lorraine is here to provide a sounding board and help develop a solid strategy for being the man women want.