Why I Kissed Him On The First Date

Last week ago I wrote a post on “7 Things NEVER to do on a first date.”  #1 was never to kiss a girl on the first date.

Well, Never say Never.

Now I’m putting my tail between my legs and retracting what I said. Please keep in mind that what I write is based on opinion. There is no right or wrong, but there is an exception to most advice and usually every rule.

A few days ago I took my son to a hockey camp and met a hot hockey coach who asked me out for a drink.  I fully intended our get together to be all about hockey and what I need to know as a parent. Generally, I go by the “don’t shit where you eat” phrase, but, like I said, this was an exception.

That night we got together and spent hours at the hotel’s Tiki pool bar. It was a balmy southern California evening, he was rockin’ Lululemon which I LOVE. In case you’re not up on the brand, Lululemon is a great active wear brand from Canada. We had a few drinks, watched the Disney fireworks and had a very in depth conversation about dating, sex, romance, divorce, single parenthood and more.

It was really cool to have such an open conversation with a guy I just met. There was no pressure. We both knew that the next day he would be off on a plane to the mid-west and I would be here in LA. I call it being present and enjoying the moment.

I actually think we all need to do that more often. Not worry about tomorrow.  If we spend all our time worrying about tomorrow, we lose where we are today.

Anyway, getting down to my point of writing this: after a few hours and a few too many drinks, J.R. (all names are changed for privacy) slowly leaned over, pressed his lips very gently to mine and gave me one of the most provocative French kisses I’ve ever had.

Rarely, have I kissed a guy on a first date – why J.R? I think because he was so in touch with who he was, he listened and wanted to learn about me, shared inner thoughts about himself. By the time he went to kiss me, I was so comfortable with him, I wanted to kiss him back. He was a guy who understood girls.

So guys, if it feels right, you will know it.  Go for it!  Give her an unforgettable kiss.  If you are wondering how to give her an unforgettable kiss, stay tuned.  Coming soon.

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