7 Text Messages Every Girl Wants to Read

Some text messages we love getting, other text messages we can’t wait to delete.  I was just listening to this guy on instagram, the @textingprince.  I must say, he had it down.  He said ” Just pretend you are James Bond.”  I love that!!  James Bond wouldn’t go overboard, he wouldn’t overload you with emoji’s, he would be calm and cool yet sexy and thoughtful.

How many times have you sent a text message — you hear the swoosh, and you think “Crap! I didn’t mean to send that!”

I’ve been there. Had a few wines, was a bit miffed at my guy, sent a text without thinking it through, and then was like “FCK, why did I do that?”

My mother always told me “if you write things down, they never go away.” That being said, be careful about what you say and how you say it. Whether you’re in love or pissed, take a minute and think before you send.

Here are some sure winners you won’t regret.


  1. “Good morning” — You think it’s generic, right? Well, it is! But every guy I’ve been into has sent me good morning text messages. He started my day with him on my mind. It’s kinda cool if you can add the pet name — “hey baby” or “good morning lover,” “morning sexy” — it’s a little corny, but we like it.
  1. “I had a great time” — If indeed you had a good time — tell her! Open up the channels!
  1. “Thinking of you” — This is the best! It can be said a frickin’ gazillion times and we don’t get sick of hearing it! Keep it comin’!
  1. “Miss you” — Not something you want to say in the beginning of the ball game. But as time marches on, let down your guard and she will, too. You’ll know when the time is right to say this — have no fear!
  1. “I love you” — Deep deep deep! If you’re genuine and you think the feeling is mutual, go for it! 3 words every girl wants to hear and never gets sick of.
  1. “How was your day?” — Omg! It’s the “he is so considerate to ask me this.” Yes, be the guy who cares more about your girl then yourself. This message will get you places.
  1. “I’m sorry” – Awwww… So nice when a guy isn’t too proud to say he’s sorry. Integrity and truth are a great foundation.
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