Where clip art does NOT belong

Facebook posts.  Some are boring, some are entertaining and some just leave you with your mouth open.

The other night I was lying in bed, scrolling through Facebook and noticed a post from one of my “friends” that I don’t personally know.

This is what it read:

“I’m recently single, and having a hard time adjusting to our new dating culture. So, I have a question, and please go easy on me, I’m sort of new to all these required adjustments.”

My first reaction was, “this guy sounds  pathetic. ‘New culture?’”

I was afraid to read his question.

“Do women think it’s classy if you send her a dick pic covering ‘it’ up with clip art?”


Anybody home here?

When I read this, I felt really bad for him.  What in the heck is going through his mind?  Post a picture with clip art over his dick?

I’m not a prude by far, but this was nuts!  No pun intended. Ha!

I decided to post some of the answers from his lady friends and myself.  Along with the witty post from his guy friend. ( I love this guy’s answer!!)

Girl 1:  “If that’s the kind of woman you want, go for it. But I’m a firm believer that dick pics are a tremendous turn-off and outrage many unless requested.”

Girl 2: “No”

Girl 3: “Nooooo dick picks!  Unless you’re small and use another’s. Bad start to a relationship.”

Girl 4: “Never”

Girl 5: “Oh wait, did you say dad pics? Jk”

Girl 6: “Seriously? Is this a real question?”

Girl 7: “Photos of food you made are much hotter.”

Girl 8: “Answer simple …..NO”

Me – “ NO, NO and again NO!!”

Kevin “Only if the clip art is a bigger dick”

Etc… etc…..

The consensus is pretty clear: chicks aren’t into dick picks! It doesn’t matter if you put clip art over it or not. Just don’t do it!

There is one exception. If you and your lover are deep in love and you have a comfort zone and understanding that showing is sexy and hot. Otherwise keep your junk in your pants and tease her with the mystery of what’s behind your zipper

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