9 Reasons This Guy Gets The Girl

What women want and will never tell you!

“Why is she with him?” How many times have you asked this question to yourself? You see a pretty girl walking with a short, nerdy-looking guy or, maybe he’s overweight and needs more time at the gym, or he’s just some dude who doesn’t look like anything special. “Maybe he’s her cousin?” you hope. “Most likely the CEO of some software company. He must have money,” is what’s often assumed. The answer is, not necessarily. It’s not always what is in a man’s wallet that makes a girl turn her head.  If a guy isn’t tall with model looks, doesn’t have Channing Tatum’s abs, or is not rich and famous, what qualities does he possibly have to draw this beautiful girl in?

We have all heard people say “girls like bad boys” and I must say, to a certain extent, this is true. I have been there. Most girls have been there. Why?   It’s the challenge—the constitution within some women that think they can change a “ bad boy.” The good news is that this does not work. Sooner or later us girls get really sick of dating bad boys and start looking for a nice guy—a guy who treats a woman like she is special.

Bottom line is, be yourself and know that you deserve to be first string and not just the benchwarmer. What you think of yourself is very important because that is how you will show up. When you think a thought about something, you give it energy and that thought has an effect of how you come across to others. So, be confident, and realize if a girl wants a bad boy, that means she is not ready for a relationship and you don’t want her anyway. Raise your bar and you will find that special girl who is meant for you.

Here are 9 reasons girls fall for nice guys:

  1. Selflessness— The most important thing in this guy’s day is not how much he bench presses. He does not have a huge ego—he genuinely cares about people and mostly you.  He is more concerned with his partners’ day than his own.
  2. Listening Skills — He remembers things about you that most guys forget or never heard you say.  Whether it’s a birthday, a certain wine you like, a restaurant you want to try—he truly hears you and cares.
  3. Intelligence — He is well-read, keeps up with what is happening in the world and is interesting. This is a guy that you can learn from. Women respect him for his knowledge. He works hard, makes a good living and usually has hobbies. He is not needy and has always been self-sufficient.
  4. Trustworthiness — This kind of guy has not had to put on a front for anyone.  If he says he will be there — he will.  He genuinely cares about you and what you care about—you will not be sitting around wondering what he is doing and with whom. He is honest and has integrity.
  5. Humor — It may take time to bring out, but usually a quirky guy can laugh with you and laugh at themselves—he is not “too cool” and can find humor in any situation.
  6. Vulnerability — He does not have a “man-guard” up, where he is afraid to express himself.  He is open with his thoughts and feelings and is not trying to be someone or something he is not.
  7. Gratitude — He will treat you like a princess because he is grateful he found a nice girl. This guy appreciates a good woman. Growing up, he was not the football captain dating the cheerleading captain.  Now as an adult, he appreciates what he didn’t have back then and his not afraid to express compliments.  He makes you feel wanted.  He is the guy who will make you dinner and clean up too.
  8. Respectfulness — The number one thing women want from men is not sex, but respect. If you respect a woman she will respect you. This creates trust. When a guy isn’t looking for a one-night stand, it sets him apart from other men because the main goal of most men is to quickly get “get laid.” That being said, when a guy has respect for a woman, she wants him all the more.
  9. Integrity — Nice guys have morals. They are not looking to count how many girls they can get in bed. They are looking for a relationship. A nice guy is not telling you he is going out with his buddies on Friday night when he really has a date with another girl. They live their lives with principles and values.
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