50 Shades and Darker

Why Women Fell in Love with the Erotic Hero of Fifty Shades of Grey

Women from all walks of life across the world become captivated by the Fifty Shades of Grey erotic trilogy. People can say what they want but James’s books sold over 100 million copies.

After reading Fifty Shades of Grey I can acknowledge that Christian Grey was HOT! He was handsome, confident, had a great body and ran a billion-dollar empire. Do I feel that these 4 qualities are what pulled women in? No way.

Before I wrote this, I interviewed quite a few women asking them “what was it about Christian Grey that turned you on? ” Not one woman said they were drawn to the book because Grey was gorgeous and had tons of money.

Ninety percent of the women said that Christian was attentive.

That comment was usually followed by how their husbands or boyfriends were not attentive at all, they were not happy with their marriage or sex life and they enjoyed fantasizing.

I am not saying that all these women want to have a red room of pain, but I am saying that women crave attention and are not necessarily getting it.

Grey was a monogamous guy—he made Anastasia feel sexy, he let her know that he cared and wanted her. The alternative erotic fantasy was a extra draw. For a woman to experiment sexually and discover her desires and explore parts of her femininity is something I believe most women never really act out, but always fantasize about. Grey captured our imaginations and desires.

When was the last time you bought a blindfold…

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