Why I Can’t Wait To See This Guy Again

The best way to understand what women want is to watch and try to understand what other guys do that works. It’s about more than just what a guy says, or how he dresses, how much money he has. Girls look for way more than that – it’s that deeper level you should pay attention to. Here’s an example from my life.

The other night I hooked up with the brother of my best friend from when I was a teenager (let’s call him The Italian). I’m not opposed to hooking up on the first date, but I haven’t seen this guy in 20 years! On my way to meet him, I was thinking, “OMG… what am I doing?” I felt like turning my car around and going home. I thought about canceling the whole date and heading home, but no. If I can’t show a little backbone on a first date, how can I coach a guy to be confident?

So I was at the bar, drinking a glass of champagne, anxiously awaiting my date’s arrival. Right on time, The Italian walks in. He’s very tall, bald, and solidly built – my best friend’s brother all grown up. I was speechless, but it wasn’t his looks that took my voice away. He was so confident, so sure of himself, that I swear my heart skipped. From the second he walked into the room, it was like he owned the place. He was in total control and I loved it! I got that sweet-sick feeling in my stomach. This is what girls talk about when they reminisce about their best guys – the feeling of being turned on. I’m not going to go into detail, but we had an incredible night.

There’s something about a guy with inner strength. It’s the ultimate turn-on. It’s not about how you look, how much money you have, what title comes before or after your name – it’s how you show up.

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