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If you clicked the link in the bio and made it here, please stay with me, follow my new blog.  I’m embarking on new blog for women called Urban Pumas.  I will entertain you with my writing and empower you with all the knowledge I learned from years of  life coaching.  How to keep standing when you feel like falling down.

If you followed any of my posts on Instagram, you will notice some of the posts were blogs on sex and dating. I started Girls Unedited wanting to help men understand women.  Be the man women want.  What a great thought! NOT!!!!  After a few months of writing, I realized that men really don’t give a crap. They know it all.  Yes, it’s sad, but true.

I’m really beating myself up on this morning.  I should have started my own Mommy Blog sixteen years ago when I gave birth to a wonderful little boy.  I was (and still am) a single mom.  I cried, I walked on the beach pregnant with most of my neighbors judging me for having a baby out of wedlock.  Everyone besides my father and my downstairs neighbor, thought I should have had an abortion.  It was one of the hardest times in my life.  I feel awful that I didn’t share my trials and tribulations at that time with others going through similar situations.  My life has been a far cry from living in a house with a white picket fence.  And guess what!?! I’m still going through a ton a shit.  Fighting for child support, trying to figure out a teenager, finding time to date, limiting my wine intake to 2 glasses per night,  living in a town that plays Pink Floyd in spin class…yeah, it’s no picnic.

How do we stay sane?  Can we help one another?  I say ” Yes!”  Whether you are married, single, divorced, widowed, our village has never been more necessary as it is today.

I hope more then anything that this blog will inspire you gals to share stories, ask questions and make suggestions…..

Please don’t worry about your writing skills or grammar, if needed, we can edit.  Or we can leave it “unedited” — one great aspect of the name. Ha!

Now that we are talking girl to girl, please email me any ideas for blogs or topics you would like me to blog on.  Love and God Bless!  New Post every Tuesday and Friday.

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