6 Reasons Girls Love a Traditional Guy

The other night I was out with my friend, Kim, who’s in the midst of starting an online business. She works periodically as an actress, but has decided to invest a significant amount of her time and money in her new internet company.

Like every start-up owner, she has concerns about finances but is very excited about what she’s doing. Her boyfriend, Randy, has been extremely supportive and repeatedly tells her “don’t worry about money right now, success will come with all the hard work and love you’re putting into this.”

I love how Randy handles Kim. He gets it! A girl wants a guy to back her up. Ground her. Turn negative thoughts into positives. No girl wants a Danny Downer. Kim is inspired to be successful because Randy believes in her.

When I started my photography career I had a boyfriend tell me “there are too many photographers in LA, you’ll never make enough money. You need to get a real job so you can support yourself.”

Aside from the fact that I never asked him for financial support, that comment showed me he wasn’t there for me. If I needed help, he wouldn’t be the guy to ask. We broke up and a year later I had become one of the top photographers of child models in Southern California.

Most women want to contribute to society in some way, but when a guy insinuates that he wants you to take care of the house, give him a good work out in bed, and most importantly, get a job so you can support yourself, it takes away the warm and fuzzy feeling.

Personally I’ve never been a corporate career girl. Besides blogging and podcasting I am a photographer by trade and enjoy what I do.

In a perfect world I am happy to contribute to a relationship, I will always work as an artist and blogger, but what I enjoy most is being domestic and taking care of my son and the traditional man who may come into my life.

Here’s why:

  1. Traditional men will stick with you through tough times. They don’t run away from home after the honeymoon stage. They are physically and emotionally supportive.
  2. They are good father figures. Whether he is the biological father or the boyfriend, a traditional guy teaches kids values and is fun to hang out with.
  3. They know how to comfort their women. Whether making sure his girl doesn’t get wet in the rain, opening her car door or listening when she needs a shoulder, they are there. Yes, holding the door is comforting to a woman – it shows that you care about her.
  4. They are happy to be the main provider. Traditional guys have a sense of pride in having a strong work ethic and being providers. They understand relationships have a trade-off and don’t ask their women to handle every single thing. They take pride in owning their responsibilities.
  5. They know how to fix things around the house. Traditional men work hard to get a house. Their ladies make the house a home, but traditional men help take care of it. Plus, it’s comforting for a girl to know her guy can fix the typical things that break around the house.
  6. They are protective. This guy will make his woman feel safe from predators, natural disasters or people who would do her harm. And he will go out of his way to make sure HE isn’t doing his woman any harm, either which leads to…

Traditional men are supportive! I’m not talking about money or houses anymore. I’m talking about a man who has confidence in his woman and lets her know. A man who will help her plan and be excited every time she wins and help her move forward when she loses. A man who shows her every day that his woman is the best thing in his life.

Even if Randy thinks Kim is crazy to start this online business, he supports her and gives her the room she needs to focus on her dream. It doesn’t matter if Kim’s website becomes a huge success, Randy still wins because Kim will always know that he has her back.

And she will reward him for it.

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