Ewwwww…Totally Gross!

Last night I went out to get a bite to eat, as I was sitting at the bar chatting with a friend, this guy a few stools down starts making small talk with me. Attractive, salt and pepper hair, tall, probably in his late 50‘s – claimed to be Fed-X pilot, staying in Los Angeles for the weekend on a layover. Whatever…

Anyway, before he left, he strolled over with a torn piece of brown paper with his name and phone number on it. One catch, he was wearing a wedding band! How Fckd up is that!

I know guys who are unhappy in their marriages, contemplate having an affair (been there, too) but come on, you tell a girl you’d like to get together while you’re wearing a ring? TURN OFF!

It gets better, I ask him “Aren’t you married?” He said yes! God Bless him for not lying, but, really? I abruptly said “I don’t date married guys. I guess respectful is not in your vocabulary?”

Now, I am not a prude in anyway. As I said, I had my own much regretted affair with a married man, but holy crap, if you’re married and not happy, this is not the way to go about it. And vice versa. If a chick comes up to you with a wedding band on and starts flirting with you and wants to hook up, know that there is another half to where she came from. If she’s running around on him, she will likely do it to you.

Infidelity doesn’t always occur when people are unhappy. Sometimes, people have affairs just because they can. The affair gives them an ego boost. A great movie which depicts this is “Sidewalks of New York.” In fact, to this day, I joke with my girlfriends and say, “I think he’s the “dentist” “ — watch the movie and you will understand.

Some experts say an affair can work — but it’s definitely the exception, not the rule. The sobering facts are that for every 100 people who have an affair, maybe 1-10 will actually marry their affair partner. Then if they do end up together, 75% get divorced in 5 years. Maybe, just maybe 1-3 out of 100 live happily ever after.

“Better to be alone then be with someone and feel alone.”

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