Lorraine answers 12 questions about Men

  1. What is my favorite part of a mans body? His hands. I always look at a man’s hands because his hands are what will be touching me. Big hands with kept nails are a turn on.
  1. A characteristic that I find very sexy in a man is……? strength. I absolutely love a man who takes control. Im not a feminist in the least.
  1. If I could wish that men would be more of something, what would it be? communicative. I feel like most guys have a man guard up. They keep their thoughts and feeling inside. I find it super stimulating when a guy is a good communicator.
  1. What turns me off in a man? Poor hygiene. I absolutely can’t stand a dirty guy. If a guy cant take time to take care of himself, how can he take care of me?
  1. The sexiest thing a guy has ever done to me was —- I was sitting at a crowded bar with my date when he spontaneously took two menus, put them on each side of our face and started making out with me. that was so sexy!!
  1. A perfect date would be ……. staying home with a bottle of wine cooking dinner together. I think food is extremely passionate and the act of making something together with great conversation and laughter is hard to beat.
  1. Something I can’t get enough of in a relationship ….. Kissing. I love to kiss.   I believe kissing is an erotic art.
  1. Do I prefer a guy to text me or call? That’s a tough one. We live in a texting world therefor I feel texting is a given but I do really enjoy a phone call. I think people rely too much on texting.   You can really get to know someone on the phone whereas texting may be fun but text messages can also give mixed messages.
  1. What is something most guys don’t know about me? I can fold my tongue in half and hold it!! strange but true.
  1. A cool gift I received from a guy was —- a leather bracelet. I was dating a guy on a fixed income who was in med school. He wanted to give me something so I could think of him when we were apart. Knowing I had a thing for leather, one night out of the blue he tied a stylish leather bracelet around my wrist. I thought it was very thoughtful.
  1. A sport I love to play with a guy is …….Ping Pong! Growing up we always had a ping pong table and to this day, I have not met a guy I cant beat!
  1. What is the one thing I will still be doing 20 years from now? Photography. I love being behind the camera.