A Gift to Please

By Melissa Monet

My first foray into sex toys was an introduction by a boyfriend. He wasn’t very subtle, he basically pulled out a flesh colored dildo and said “here, use this”. It was awful, smelled bad, and had a weird texture; it left me feeling blah. Back then there weren’t a lot of options, but luckily for us, the modern market is booming with a variety of gorgeous vibes and dildos that does the job and does it well.

Now before you go out and buy her a sex toy, remember that they are a personal choice. Women want efficiency, while you are probably looking for visual stimulation. So if you really want to watch your partner masturbate or want to give her something that really says you care, try one of these beauties.

When breaking the ice with a first time user, opt for a less obvious toy, something less phallic that only stimulates the clitoris. I recommend something small and dainty and non-phallic like the Je Joue. It’s the perfect example of a super-efficient, low key sex toy that doesn’t look like a toy. It’s perfect for a woman who is embarrassed someone might find it.

If she’s slightly more adventurous you can try a Lelo. Sleekly phallic, this is a great toy for women who aren’t afraid of insertion, but isn’t looking for something to fill her up. The Lelos have a variety of models and colors to choose from. This multi-speed vibrator is a favorite among women that want a vibe with class.

My personal favorite is The Bendable Touch by Evolve. I’m calling out this particular one because as a fan of the Rabbit Pearls of the past, this one is superior by far. The small, pliable phallus allows a woman to reach her G-spot without breaking an arm or wrist for the right angle, and the soft tongue feels amazing on the money spot. This is also completely waterproof, so once again, if it’s privacy she needs, this almost silent vibrator is perfect for the privacy of her shower.

Now if your lover is one of those “hard to cum” types, there is only ONE. The original Hitachi is a present from the Gods. Even the most difficult of orgasms cannot resist this mighty massager. Multi-speed and multi-purposed, this gigantic monstrosity doesn’t necessarily belay its real job, but it gets the job done. For someone sensitive, this is not the right toy, it’s just too fast and hard, but so many women I know rely on it because the stimulus overrides an overactive mind.

There are literally thousands of choices on the market; every color, shape and appendage, multi-tasking, dual controlled, tethered or battery operated, the world is her oyster…but isn’t it nice to know where to start?


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